The breeding of a black and white Tegu
By now I am well versed and I can see that I didn’t always pay attention to everything myself.  
SO FAR about 95% of the tegus are coming from Bert Langerwerf’s breeding.
He has successfully been breeding Tegus for years and imports them into the whole word. Unfortunately he lately told me that export into the USA has become more difficult and therefore more expensive.

Breeders in Germany can be counted on two hands, if you even need 2.
Most people want to have an attractive ward in their home. This sounds like a tegu.  

Unfortunately keepers soon find out, that the tegus suddenly become inactive. Because tegus would like to hibernate for6 months. From October to April. During this time they don’t come out of their caves or only for a short periode of time. For successful breeding this is absolutely necessary.

Besides that a successful breeding needs… SPACE. After their fecundation or at the least when they start building a nest they become so aggressiv that they should be taken out of the terrarium. I have heard of cases where a small female bit an adult Tegu to death.  
So you will need 2 terrariums. Well and then there are the eggs… Between 20 and 65. With a hatching-quota a lot of work will be waiting for you. And at least another terrarium which is not going to be small.
You can certainly keep the Tegus in a warm environment but that would not be species-appropriate. Animals that hibernate are supposed to be more resistant and can become much older.
Proved example:
2 animals, both the same size. One hibernates for 6 months without food or water. The other one keeps “growing” throughout the whole year. Which one is taller and stronger after a whole period?
The one that hibernated!
There are two theories about females and hibernation. The first one says that females produce eggs during their rest which then can be fertilized in spring. Sleep is the stimulation that initiates the egg-production. If the female should not be fertilized the eggs dissolve inside the body.
Another unproved theory:

If a female does not get to hibernate during the first two years, its sexual organs will atrophy and the female can NEVER be used for breeding.