Frequently Asked Questions

Or: what people keep asking!



Well… you can’t help it but there are always NEW Tegu keepers that ask the same questions.
I hope to answer ALL kinds of questions with my reports but…
I try to get some kind of ranking here.

1. My tegu is shy or aggressive!
Well… that can have many reasons. Eventhough tegus are said to be the tamest lizards that doesn’t mean they all are. A tegu needs to know what is happening around him, what is good and what is bad. You know that one would like to put a little tegu on your arm and warm it but does the tegu know? First leave it in its terrarium without bothering it. Give it food and water and that’s it. If that happens without problems you reach level 2… being inside the terrarium as if it was NOT there. It’ll be laying somewhere… watching and keeping it in mind. It is IMPORTANT that you NOT ONLY reach inside the terrarium for feeding. Otherwise it will keep in mind hand=food. That’s why you should reach inside the terrarium for other reasons than food, clean up, etc but calmly.

At some point it will come by itself… then you can see what it will let you do. It will never be TAME… never like a DOG. It will let you touch it, carry it around, it will come to you and roam around the house safely knowing where everything is but NEVER like a dog.

2. Letting it run around in the house?
Well… I’m one of those who say „why not“? It’s very interesting for the animal. All those new things! And that is going to be interesting for you… where is it going to empty itself? And he will love not having to „poop“ inside his terrarium... What is he going to tear down? Which small corners is he going to find? Can I reach it? How does dust taste? Does dust cause constipation or even closure? What can the animal pick up with its tounge? Maybe cleaners? You see… Your decision! Your risk!

3. Tejus love cat food!
Cat food is cheap and you can get it everywhere… simple, isn’t it? Tegus eat EVERYTHING, especially if it’s meaty. My vet told me that cat food leads to fattening of the liver. Your nose will notice which food has what effect on the bowel or the excrement has and those who do not have exhaust air to the outside (like me, hehe) will start to appreciate good food.

So don’t do it! Money and comfort reasons should be thought through.  

4. My tegu bites my hand
See question 1

5. My tegu is really inactive… is it sick?
Did you check the calender? Maybe it’s time for hibernating? But it can’t do it because you keep checking why it buried itself and doesn’t come out for weeks?

Where ist the animal coming from? For the northern or the southern hemisphere? If the seller only knew and told me… 
-?!? Changed seasons ?!?-