-for Tegus-

ALWAYS wash your hands when having contact with the terrarium. Tegus smell EVERYTHING and may think that your hands are food. Ouch! Also you might spread germs, fungus, etc especially when keeping several lizards in different terrariums.

It’s rather easy for tegus to find food. Eventhough I can only talk about my animals but they really eat EVERYTHING!
But every animal has their own taste. One loves kiwi fruits, another one may never want to eat that.
Here’s a list of things they can eat:

tomatoes, kiwi fruits, bananas, grapes, lots of sweet fruits.

Everything! Chicken, pork, beef, mice, rats, rabbits… etc! Mine do not like hamsters or fish. They love chicken and mice, though. EGGS (cooked or raw).

Other vegetable matter: Well… they are said to like it but mine don’t really.

Everything that’s big enough… grasshoppers, big crickets… any kind of worms and bugs.

And apart from this:
noodles, potatoes (cooked).

To make everything taste good: Simply pour an egg over it! That way they like everything.


Only give one kind of food at a time or they’ll only eat the meat. But if nothing else is there they will also eat other things.
Well-balanced diet is important… vitamins, calcium,… etc Simply serve the food with some Corvimin ZVT.


Even though it’s easy and you keep hearing of this…

Don’t serve dog or cat food… or only in an case of emergency.
If you use it make sure it’s for „babies“ because those contain minerals and vitamins.  

What you should also regard when choosing food:
If you do not have exhaust air for your terrarium (well, I do, hehe!) you’ll soon learn where the advantages of the different foods are. You’ll also learn that cat food is like „hell“. Sensitive noses will soon notice that insects are the best food!

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