Cordylus tripidosternum

The habitat of the cordylus tripidosterum reaches from South to
East Africa.  

About the size:

The size of adult animals should be between 17 and 18 cm. Females are often a bit smaller. Mine all have pretty much the same size.

Temperatures and humidity:

The temperatures reach from 30 to 40° C in the summer while the humidity is rather high. During the wintermonths (June, July, August) temperatures reach from 20 to 25°C while the humidity is rather low. This is easy to simulate with spraying.

What the landscape looks like:

The cordylus tripidosterum live in the highland savannah. They like high stems which offer protection from whether predators. In areas with few trees you can find them under rocks. You should have enough areas for hiding. And they love climbing.  My male always chooses the highest spot. I regarded that like when building and he got the highest rock… see picture.
This ist he little ones’ terrarium (200x100cm)


Mine are very social animals… they have a set hierachy. Biting i soften connected to mating season. I noticed that it’s the females bite each other. Often I take out the young ones eventhough I never heard of losses.

They are a little shy but very curiously.  


Breeding happens automatically. I regularly have offsprings. Every female has two babies (live-bearing) almost at the same time (within one week). That’s how the big one do it, only these ones are smaller.  

They eat everything they can overcome. Big ones can manage grasshoppers… but they prefer smaller ones. They also like cut fruit but not too often.
If the diet is not right the babies are weak and die after birth or are born dead. Therefore a good diet is very important. Vitams and Calcium are also important (e.g. corvimin cvt).

Here the typical mating-biting of reptiles