The terrarium 


ground humidity light/warmth cleaning


I think light is THE MOST important factor. That’s why I put light as a separate topic. Often people do not pay enough attention to it or disregard it due to financial reasons.

The lighter the better! A light’s brightness identified with “LUX“. A light’s color is identified with Kelvin (K).
Watt is a light’s strength.

But WATCH OUT: The temperature rises quickly… that’s why you’ll need enough exhaust air.  

In nature the animals have around 100 000 Lux during midday. This intensity can probably never be reached in a terrarium. Here 1000 Lux is already very much.

Definitely necessary:
1. two tubes for general lighting
2. A 150 watts spot for a sunny area
3. bonus but appreaciated: a Osram Ultravitalux 300 Watt
UV spot which is on at least one to two times a week for around 30 minutes.

This should be considered a minimum.

But the development of the temperature should not be underestimated. 40 to 45 degrees are recommended for lizards. The warm area should be in a corner or at an edge so there is a temperature gradient through the length of the terrarium.

Tegus like to sleep „cool“… which means with the biggest possible distance to the source of warmth. 99% of the time they have ONE place where they stay and always sleep there. Our animals are absolutely faithful to their area. Some Tegus make themselves comfortable there with a little bit of straw, hey or similar things that they bring into the cave. But don’t worry. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are building a nest… .

The technical equipment of our main basin
- 4x 36w tubes
- 2x 150w Heatingspots
- 1x 300w Osram Ultra Vita Lux
- 3x 150w HQI
- 6x lights creating a daily rhythm..

Here are 3 of 6 sequences: 10am, 9pm, midnight


It starts with a beautiful sunrise (8am)… around midday EVERYTHING is lighted and at night there is a blue-gray moonshine (midnight)
The terrarium has its own electric circuit as well as its own fuse. It also has a drain because there used to be a heated waterpart. A big aerator works with digital timers and pulls out air in a natural way. The rest of the technical things are also working with timers.
Before you buy these animals you should think if you are willing to pay all those watts!


ground humidity light/warmth cleaning