Who am I ?


I’m the one behind There isn’t much to say about me… it’s about the animals so I’ll just introduce myself shortly.  

Sports...of course I like sports.
I’ve been diving scuba diving (also in waters in Germany) and riding racing cycles and in 2007 I started kiting.
The kiting class ended with 6 stitches on my knee... a wound caused by a shell… the only one in that water.  

I got to know the exotic animals through a friend that had had bearded dragons for a long time. I, like many others, started with bearded dragons. I soon found out that I wanted something different from everyone else. I wanted it to be 1 to 1.5m at the most. I didn’t want the colors to fade when the animals grow older.

I first thought about the argus guana. The store had adult and young animals. After thinking about it for a long time I decided to buy an argus guana. Unfortunately I thought for suuuch a long time that they didn’t offer any anymore. But they did have black and white tegus. Not very big but they looked almost prettier. 
So I informed myself, bought books, got on the dealer’s nerves and ended up buying two animals.

Now they were there… 2 baby tegus (Theo and Hauti) in a bag. At first they were very shy or aggressive. I left them alone and they developed and got more calm.  

Then the first winter came and the animals went sleeping… The bearded dragons sometimes take a break, too. Now they were there… the big and pretty but empty terrariums.

What now?  I needed animals that you can see so there were the cordylus tripidosteri. And a friend gave me small geckos. The little zoo was ready.

Well if there weren’t animals in need… 2 more tegus that were neglected and wild. I fed them and they became friendly animals.

Then Molly and Snow came… our pretty females.

But that’s it! Really! …or not?

What else do I do? Since I own my house I found out how much I love exotic animals. Bamboos and palm trees can be found in my yard. A friend calls me “Palmito” cause there are winterproof palm trees, yuccas and cactusses everywhere.  

Well, that’s it for now…