Depending on what you want to build you will need the following things:
- Lots of Cutters
- styrofoam with different thicknesses
- tile-glue
- normal shading-color
- a hot air dryer (no hair dryer) or lots of lighters
- a couple screws
- silicon or a non-acrid (styrofoam) glue
- different paintbrushes
- spreader
- lots of phantasy

But first you need to know how it’s supposed to turn out. Just in general. Where do you want plateaus, caves, sun-spots. Then you’ll create a styrofoam landscape and at certain spots you’ll use wood.  

After that the difficult part follows. The Styrofoam needs to be cut. Just roughly cause later you’ll use tile-glue and put it over everything. Weak contures will disappear. So it’s okay to create strong outlines.

These are only weak outlines because they are supposed to be weak later, too.  

Then the finished landscape has to be stabilized. Regarding the size of the lizards… mount the styrofoam to the walls, glue it or do something similar…  Plateaus can be screwed together with staves… even if it’s only styrofoam… later on it’s going to be as hard as rocks and then it’s going to make sense.  

Now to the nice part… everything has to be  kommt der schöne. Everything has to be covered with tile-glue. It’s smart to do the first layer really thin. Let it dry. That way the ground is not that smooth and the next to layers can be thicker. For my bearded dragons two layers were enough. And 7 years later there are no bigger damages. And if there are just make some more tile-glue, put it on and… ready.The tegus have 5 to 6 layers but it still comes off at some spots. That’s why we renovate once a year.

In those terrariums I worked a lot with termite-sand. I highly recommend it!

When everything is ready and dry putt he toner-color of your choice over it. If you try really hard it can look very pretty and plastic. Deeper parts are darker while higher ones are lighter.

If you want a „wet“ terrarium you should now seal it. Simply use epoxy resin. Since the styrofoam is covered it won’t dissolve. Ponal has a solution for this… it’s a bit cheaper… But sealing works with every other kind of coating… but make sure it’s for insides.


Anyway… when everything is ready let it dry COMPLETELY. Then you can start using the terrarium cause with heat it’ll get rid of fumes…


If you consider this, nothing can go wrong and none of my animals died with no apparent reason. Don’t worry, it won’t lose fumes anymore. But there are always people who doubt. In over 15 terrariums there NEVER was a problem… in all those years. of my prettiest and oldes terrariums…

The price for such a big  200x100x80cm thing...NOT EVEN 150 Euros !

And you can’t buy a landscape like this… you can only make it yourself!