Planning was really funny… 
Our apartment was pretty but we had to find out that the animals grew faster than we thought.

We now had to choose between a big terrarium or a big living room. We chose a house so that we could have both. Honestly, that wasn’t the cheapest solution but it was pretty.  
We wanted the terrarium to be as perfect as possible… But I already noticed many things that I would do differently next time.
First we put a water-proof tub into the terrarium… We milled open the screed so it would hold the weight of the socket.

After that we built the socket and put mud and tiles over it.  

Then we put the first decorative elements into the terrarium… now you were able to see what it was supposed to look like. The neighbours’ advices were to have a big tub.
Now the terrarium was „closed“ and windows were put in.  

All the big parts were put in now.
The cave-system has proven to be very useful. Since there is a socket around the terrarium it has a floor-height of about 35cm. Since the animals like to build caves I did this for them. They still had to uncover them but the paths were determined.  
In the front you can see the entrance to the main cave.
The cave leads to a big „room“… here you can see both.

There is always something to do and to improve but for now this is what it looks like.

- ...Sorry fort he poor picture-quality… this is from a cell phone…