Our little ones
-Tropiocolotes tripilotanus-


In this report I’ll show you the „funny“ little world of our little geckos.  

People who don’t have much space but want interesting animals will be happy with these ones. Eventhough most things happen during dawn (4 to 5pm) you can see them a lot during the day. But I have to be honest… they are really cute. Concerning their behaviour they are very much like the big ones.
But they are only about 4 cm “tall”.  

Here you can see an adult animal laying eggs… one of many animals…
1 animal = 1 egg
Eventhough the eggs sometimes seem „lost“… so far an animal came out of ALL of them.  

And here the result after about 40 days of incubation at 30 degrees Celsius.


The new terrarium is being build by a carpenter… pictures coming soon

And now..03/22/08...there it is...just the first pix.

OK...thats the new enclosure...the first one i dont have build by myself...